Is a Greek island in the northern Aegean Sea, close to the coast of Thrace and the plain of the river Nestos but geographically part of Macedonia. It is the northernmost Greek island, and 12th largest by area. Thasos is also the name of the largest town of the island (also known as Limenas Thasou, "Harbour of Thasos"), situated at the northern side, opposite the mainland and about 10 kilometres (6 mi) from Keramoti. Sometimes known as the Emerald Isle, Thassos is a spectacular and relatively unspoilt island just seven kilometers off the mainland. Tens of outstanding beaches await visitors in the summer, but the heart of the island beats in Mt. Ypsario, where fir and pine forests and mountain springs create a breathtaking scenery. Holidays in Thasos incorporate trekking, mountain climbing, horse-back riding, 4X4 excursions on a jeep and "off road" biking, but also traditional villages, a buzzing port, and a wealth of culture.

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Main Office: At the Old Harbor Thassos Town
640 04 Thassos Island, Greece
Tel: +30 25930 23543
Fax: +30 25930 23485
Mob: +30 6975861076, 6975861077, 6975861078

Branch Office: Potos Thassos
640 02 Thassos Island, Greece
Tel, Fax: +30 25930 52061
Mob: +30 6975861076, 6975861077, 6975861078

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