The abundance of marine life will delight those who love fishing. Aspiring anglers can try their luck in rod-fishing or fishing-line anywhere on Thassos, where there are so many beautiful beaches with rocks around them to help the job of the fishermen. Some of the most commonly caught fish are mullets, sea breams, groupers, red snappers, lobsters, whitebait, horse mackerels, octopus, etc. You will see many anglers with their fishing rod to fish in the harbour, the cliffs, and sandy beaches. Snorkeling is also a famous activity on the island. You can fish with your spear fishing on the rocks at the edge of each beach.

Main Office: At the Old Harbor Thassos Town
640 04 Thassos Island, Greece
Tel: +30 25930 23543
Fax: +30 25930 23485
Mob: +30 6975861076, 6975861077, 6975861078

Branch Office: Potos Thassos
640 02 Thassos Island, Greece
Tel, Fax: +30 25930 52061
Mob: +30 6975861076, 6975861077, 6975861078

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