Rock Climbing

A day with a difference for those wishing to explore the mountains of Thassos and its rich fauna and flora, whilst capturing the panoramic views. Led by an experienced hiker/guide you will be taken to some of the beautiful hidden mountain villages with their local traditions. Walk on some of the best trails the island has to offer.

Climbing on the historic rocks of Aliki above the ancient marble quarries dating back to 7th century BC, a beautiful setting where white rocks meet the sparkling blue seas in the small fishing hamlet renowned for its antiquities.
Accompanied by our professional climber who once led a Greek team to the peak of Everest you will experience some breath taking climbs.
We guarantee 100% safety, action and adventure.
Definitely a day for the thrill seekers amongst you!

Sport & traditional climbing at Thassos island on the marble cliffs above the Aegean Sea.

Giola is located in Southern Thassos after the monastery of Archangelos. The highest part of the rock is about 10m. The level of the sea in the pool of Giola depends from the tides.

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